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Who We Are

Who We Are

GLAM GIRL is the Global Local Athletic Movement, a youth-founded, youth-led club model organization started with the vision of creating equity in sports. By combining sport practice, leadership training and service projects, GLAM GIRL creates more opportunities for young women and girls to play sports and promotes gender equality in our schools, communities and world. 


GLAM GIRL helps young women and girls to develop leadership skills, challenge stereotypes, overcome barriers and follow their dreams.  What motivates and inspires us is the fact that girls’ participation in sports is associated with having a positive multiplier effect on lots of development outcomes --- health, education and leadership (to name just a few)!



Meet the four young athletes who started GLAM in 2020 with the goal of giving back to their communities and doing something they’re passionate about!

Izzy Murphy - Glam Girl

Izzy Murphy

Hi! I’m Isabelle - Izzy - Murphy. I’m a freshman at Tabor Academy playing volleyball, basketball and lacrosse. I also love playing with my club lacrosse team Mass Elite and believe we can all make a difference when we work hard and support each other. Being an advocate for female athletes is important to me and I’m excited to grow the GLAM movement with you! 

Teagan 2023.png

Teagan Lind

My name is Teagan Lind, I am 16 years old and a junior at Falmouth High School. I love playing basketball, especially for my AAU team MCW Starz. I want every female athlete to have the opportunity to play a sport they love and have the ability to build relationships and learn important life lessons. I hope to make sure that we help those in need overcome any barriers they may face so they are given the same opportunity as other female athletes.

Taryn 2023.png

Taryn Madsen

My name is Taryn Madsen and I am a Junior at Thayer Academy. At Thayer, I am a member of both the soccer and track teams. My first love is soccer, but I have come to really enjoy running track and being an integral part of our Thayer team which won the 2022 Division I New England Prep School Championship. I also play for the 04/05 Scorpions ECNL National Team for club. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my friends, spending time with my extended family, and playing with my dog Lyla and kitten Alune.

Maureen - Moe 2023.png

Maureen  Lind

Hi! My name is Maureen Lind but in sports I like to go by Moe! I play soccer, basketball, and love to sail. It means a lot to me to empower others to do the same. I play on an AAU basketball team and I love how my teammates and I always support each other, letting each other succeed.


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