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Start a club

Want to start a GLAM Club in your school? We’re so excited for you to get started! Here’s how:

Step 1

Check out GLAM’s Purpose and Goals 

GLAM GIRL is the Global Local Athletic Movement started by four young athletes who believe sport is one of the great drivers of gender equality. By combining sport practice, leadership training and service projects, GLAM GIRL creates more opportunities for young women and girls on the field and promotes gender equality and women’s empowerment in the wider world. 


GLAM GIRL helps young women and girls to develop leadership skills, challenge stereotypes, overcome barriers and follow their dreams.  What motivates and inspires us is the fact that girls’ participation in sports is associated with having a positive multiplier effect on lots of development outcomes --- health, education and leadership (to name just a few)!

GLAM Club offers a way for you and your club members to learn and take action.


The GLAM PLAYBOOK is our unique sports activism guide. Inside are all the plays and strategies you need to make a difference in the lives of young female athletes. From understanding the problems female athletes face to imagining and finding solutions, the GLAM PLAYBOOK is an inspiring how-to for change. 


GLAM Campaigns + Service Projects are inspired by the goal of giving back to the community and supporting female athletes in need. They include:

  • GLAM Giving Tree: a holiday service project featuring GLAM’s hot pink Giving Tree

  • Presence Is Power: a school-wide campaign to encourage more fans to show up at girls’ games

  • Pass It Forward: a service project to collect and distribute sports equipment for girls in need

  • Demand IX: a campaign project that collects signatures to support ongoing efforts for strong Title IX protections and enforcement

  • HerSport Fellowship: a fundraising campaign to support a GLAM-sponsored scholarship for the Women in Sports Leadership program offered by WomenX

Are you inspired by the mission of empowering girls through sports? Do you want to help female athletes get in the game through service projects and arm yourself with knowledge about women athletes who’ve paved the way for girls today? Do you believe that participation in sports can be a catalyst for developing leadership skills? If so, then starting a GLAM Club seems like a great step in your activist journey! 

Fill out this GLAM GIRL Application Form to get going! Once we receive your application, we’ll schedule a call with you within 10-14 days. This meeting will give us the opportunity to introduce at least one of the GLAM GIRL founders and provide information about the resources available to you to launch your club! 

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